Nowadays, the GPS/GLONASS monitoring market can offer a huge variety of solutions designed to optimize business flows and improve a company’s performance. Furthermore, technological development never stops.

New products are released yearly to further increase the efficiency of the GPS-tracking systems. However, it is easy for the customers to miss some of the best of them. Only after many years, they start implementing the solutions that could have reduced their costs much earlier.

The wireless sensors are a great example of such an innovative solution that deserves any customer’s special attention. Many of you are likely familiar with numerous difficulties one must face during the installation and maintenance of the wired appliances. Installing such equipment as wired fuel level, temperature, and angle control sensors takes a lot of time and money spent on the cabling. Quite often, you then face numerous issues caused by the damage done to the cables during or after the installation – either accidentally or deliberately. Any such issue disrupts your monitoring effort and entails further costs. With wired solutions, there is always a risk that something will go wrong.

Escort Monitoring Systems was one of the first on the market to try and solve those issues. Using our creative potential, we developed and released the wireless BLE sensors, namely: the fuel level sensors TD-BLE, temperature and luminosity sensors TL-BLE and tilt angle sensors DU-BLE.

To make them an innovative solution indeed, we implemented the Bluetooth Low Energy technology that brings the following benefits to the table:

● Cost-efficient installation
● Faster installing and tuning
● No issues related to damaged cables
● Eco-friendliness: less plastic and rubber waste

A BLE sensor’s battery can last for several years due to a low energy consumption rate. At the same time, they provide the same level of measurement accuracy as the wired Escort sensors and are as versatile and reliable as any other solutions on the market. For instance, the fuel level sensor TD-BLE has a ТР ТС 021/2011 Certificate of Approval for Explosion Hazardous Areas. This certificate is hard to get due to the set of strict requirements the equipment must meet to be approved but it ensures that the sensors can be installed on the vehicles or machinery without any risk of explosions.
It also allows a manufacturer to participate in various tenders with higher chances of winning and to expand its geographical presence.

The wireless BLE sensors have already been implemented by dozens of companies in Russia and abroad both on vehicles and stationary objects. Incidentally, we are already present in more than 80 countries around the globe such as CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. The popularity of our products comes from their ability to meet the needs of any company and any local requirements set by law.

The TD BLE sensors help monitor the fuel level in the vehicles’ or stationary object’s tanks. The TL BLE sensors are mostly used to monitor the temperature inside refer trucks that run long-distance deliveries of perishable or refrigerated foods, flowers or pharmaceutical products, etc. However, they can also be installed inside different facilities where the control of the temperature and light levels is required.

DU-BLE sensors are designed to monitor the works of such machinery parts as crane booms, excavator arms, dump truck beds, cement mixers or garbage truck manipulators. The sensors help you better control the work and idle time of such objects and thus reduce the costs and improve the performance.

The Escort BLE sensors are highly compatible with different GPS/GLONASS equipment and platforms. The Navixy platform is no exception. And if you are looking for more advanced solutions that help you better manage your vehicles and units, it is the very time to shift towards wireless technologies.