The newest GPS device Trax Play will be presented at CES 2016 in Las Vegas next month. Swedish manufacturer WTS announces that comeback (or reborn) of their brainchild may become a step to the next generation family tracking solutions.

The older Trax was one of the smallest GPS devices in mass-market weighing only 25 grams. It was designed specially for kid and pet tracking. The newest version of this gismo will able to work almost for 48 hours in continuous mode, instead of the forerunner with its 24 hours of non-stop operation.

This advantage is also supported by the new mode that allow to adjust the frequency of tracking. With the most energy-saving setting, Trax Play can work up to 5 days without recharging.

This device comes with the redesigned mobile app that will be compatible with Apple Watch. And more important, that Mikael Karlsson, Co-Founder of WTS, announce new price model for the product. The high price (about 249$ with 2-year service agreement) was the main stop factor for this extremely portable and handy GPS tracker.

The details and other fresh features of Trax Play will be presented at Consumer Technology Association event in January while the mobile app will be available in March.