TopFlyTech T8803 PRO is considered to lead on the market of motorcycle GPS tracking. The reason is simple: the device becomes a combination of compactness and functionality.

This model of GPS trackers substituted older T8803 in 2014. TopFlyTech improves hardware and software of the product and presented this advanced motorbike tracker.

You may get really precise tracks using T8803 Pro. It works in a real-time tracking mode and the device records thousands of way points. It is equipped with basic alarm features like a Geo-fence, overspeed, towing and special anti-theft alarm. So the customer may set simple security options to prevent a theft and save his property.

That device has 2 inputs and 1 output for remotely immobilization control and some other options. It is equipped with a smart power consumption system and complicated sleep mode helping to extend a battery life. It is very important for motorbikes because there is no ability to install a big battery on such a small vehicle.

The device provided absolutely high waterproof class. So the customer can install this GPS tracker in any place and be unconcerned about of the weather conditions.

The manufacturer offers to buy T8803 PRO with the set of a special relay and optional microphone or SOS button wire.

TopFlyTech T8803 PRO proved itself like a reliable and cost effective device for bike tracking.