The new trackers are equipped with a 400 and 1800 mAh battery. Teltonika made some changes in battery power volume. As the manufacturer claims, FMB962 and FMB964 are able to work for up to 3 and 10 days respectively in a power saving mode. It is suitable for trailers, isothermal vans (thought, there is no 1-wire interface support), occasionally used construction machinery as well as motorbikes, light vehicles, buses. Basically, they are not that much different from the FMB900. What distinguishes them is a high-capacity rechargeable battery placed in an extended case and a slightly wider range of power supply of 6-30V instead of 10-30V.

Both devices provide a wireless connection to drivers through a Bluetooth headset which is indeed a huge advantage as it helps to reduce road traffic offences and ensure driving security. Besides that, Teltonika decided to add a Smart Crash detection to get an alarm message immediately after accident and made a water-resistant and dustproof case to stay current with the latest trends.

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