Teltonika is mostly famous by vehicle GPS terminals, thus, the Lithuanian manufacturer also tries to improve its product line of personal trackers. In the beginning, of last Autumn, the newest Teltonika GH4000 was presented in an online webinar.

The portable GPS device is an upgrade version of older GH3000. The main difference between the tracker and its forerunner is a new GPS/GLONASS receiver, upgraded quad-band GSM-module and lower power consumption.

The last one solution is very important because Teltonika GH3000 had negative feedback about poor battery performance. Have Lithuanians solved the problem without a change of 1050 mA battery is up in the air.

Unfortunately, the newest device hasn’t still got the A-GPS support, that is crucial for personal GPS devices.

Navixy Talks will get this model for a detailed review in a few next months. Stay tuned.