The world of GPS trackers has its own accomplished series and even dynasties. Teltonika holds one of the top positions in this list.

The newest Teltonika FM1125 is rather small AVL terminal that is considered to be state-of-the-art in its product line. The device took most of the key features of FM11xx series and became even more functional.

In comparison to its predecessor FM1120, this new model is embedded with serial interfaces RS232 and RS485. That allows to connect digital fuel level sensors as well as LV-CAN adapter. In other worlds FM1125 has everything for accurate fuel level measurement and becomes a strong player on a competitive market of professional tools for fleet tracking.

Although with a known disadvantage, Teltonika FM1125 is a modern and reliable GPS tracker that incorporates the most in-demand features under a portable housing. It’s a thing you should try for your trucks.