The wide selection of Teltonika Telematics cables is further expanded to meet every client’s needs. It is easy to navigate in the available choice of accessories as the cables can be distinguished into three main categories – Professional application, Easy connection, and Extension.

Professional application cables

Dedicated for the GPS trackers of the Professional family, these cables allow to get data from heavy vehicles in a fast and simple way. Tacho cable is designed for downloading tachograph files remotely, getting CAN data through FMS J1939 standard, and receiving live vehicle data from tachograph via K-LINE. If you need remote data download and FMS solution only – Teltonika has recently introduced a simplified tacho cable with no additional wires to hide or cut for a smooth and efficient connection

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Did you know that Tachograph Front Panel Cable is also available for quick set-up? Just connect the cable via the front interface without disassembling the vehicle dashboard panel. In addition to supporting 24V tachographs, it gives the possibility to download files from 12V tachographs that are used in such vans as Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato, and many more. Besides, remote download of files and live tachograph data can be received even with the ignition turned off.

Next, Teltonika offers FMS cable, which is perfect for getting FMS and tachograph data from a vehicle and retaining the manufacturer’s warranty at the same time. All the necessary information along with powering the FMx640 device and getting Ignition detection is acquired with just one plug in the form of a 12-pin connector.

Whenever a refrigerated cargo is being delivered, make sure that the Carrier reefer cable is connected to receive real-time information from Carrier reefers. The data include temperature, fridge door status, alarms and a variety of events according to your own needs.

Easy connection cables

Connecting to the cigarette lighter socket is one of the most convenient ways to put tracking devices to work. There is no need to get under the car’s hood, deal with the wires, or have any installation troubles whatsoever. Teltonika offers 12-pin power cable for the FMB1yx, FMU1yx, FMC1yx FMM1yx groups of GPS trackers as well as FMB9yx power cable for the fastest installation possible.

Another option for a swift installation is connecting a device directly to a car battery. A cable with U-form connectors for FMC1yx, FMM1yx, and FMU1yx family GPS trackers is coming soon.

Extension cables

A category of cables that provide extra length. For example, OBD II connection extension cable is a great solution when OBD II socket is in a hard-to-reach place and vehicle parts are interfering with GPS signals or other cases. It comes in the lengths of 50 cm or 90 cm and is suitable for the light vehicles with an OBD II socket.

Similarly, a 1.5 m long power cable with fuse gives the freedom of movement when connecting the FMB920 device.