Sierra Wireless, a device-to-cloud solutions provider has recently unveiled the BX Series Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules with integrated cloud services and security features. As one of the leading developers in the loT market, Sierra’s short-range portfolio contains a number of comprehensible solutions.

This time the team optimized the new modules for industrial loT applications, providing easy integration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication to OEMs and System Integrators’ products. In other words, such a support on a single common flexible form factor (CF3) module is meant to allow a quick migration between short-range and cellular technologies, as the company claims.

As in the other Sierra’s family modules, the CF3 is implemented with the purpose of modules swapping and OEMs devices feature list enrichment. Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of market analyst firm Beecham Research, marks that the modules bring some “compelling features”:

“A key aim of the BX series of modules is to bring to OEMs compelling features, like FOTA, secure boot and pre-integrated cloud services, to short range wireless technologies”

Robin Duke-Woolley

The modules can boast embedded TCP/IP and Bluetooth Stacks together with simple UART interface. As for the application area, the BX Series seems to be best suited for industrial IoT usage with the cloud connection: equipment monitoring, smart city, healthcare applications, mobile-enabled asset tracking or in-vehicle connectivity.

For security purposes, the team added integrated secure boot and encrypted flash to make sure the module only functions with verified Sierra Wireless software. The modules include pre-loaded security keys for safe authentication and connection.

For the coming months, Sierra promises its devices to be globally certified to correspond regulatory approvals.