Insurance telematics is a growing industry with its forecasted 2.21 billion USD market in the coming years. Queclink built their GS100 model to be in the avant-garde of mobile property’s protection.

Queclink GS100 is a full featured insurance telematics device. This full packaged product is supplied with insurance protocol and firmware and can be used right after the installation in a widescreen. No matter what vehicle type you have, this well-designed terminal will work with any kind of services.

The device is built for people who don’t want to fumble with confusing wires and settings, but still cares about their business or personal vehicles.

It can work up to 34 hours in case of using a car 1-2 hours a day. Queclink GS100 provides a complete data about driving behavior and any type of road accidents and logs it. The main device feature is a very frequent 1-second logging. Another one is 15-second logging period before and after an incident.

You can reconstruct detail of an accident to make the strongest arguments and get your insurance claim payment. It also may be helpful to avoid accidents next time and make your business safer.