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GpsGate Dispatch 5 beta release

Task dispatching is a new trend in GPS monitoring. It has already moved far beyond industry-specific solutions as today we see the idea implemented not only in GPS sphere but also in CRM and... Read more


Mapbox Studio’s design update

This time the Mapbox crew revealed some new changes to its Studio’s look. As the company claims, the improvements were made based on a series of interviews and surveys conducted. Basically,... Read more


Rastrac Update Version 8.0

Rastrac crew released a new update of the platform, Rastrac 8.0. It includes new functionalities designed to facilitate and optimize information search, here’s a quick rundown of the include... Read more


Tractive GPS 3G pet tracker

Tractive presents 3G GPS pet collar to reach North American market where service providers face the challenge of updating their devices to keep up with the pace of progress. As the 2G networ... Read more

Queclink & GPS Gate

Queclink & GpsGate: joint solution

Queclink launches a joint Asset Protection solution with GpsGate. This solution is a combination of Queclink’s GL-series devices and GpsGate Server platform that opens up a new business oppo... Read more