Sales of new Omnicomm LLS30160 fuel level sensors officially started. New model has better accuracy (up to 99.2%) and more robust design to prevent damages, occasional or deliberate.

As Omnicomm declares, the advantages of the new LLS 30160 device over the earlier modifications include its tamper-proof one-piece body, a new ultra-strong metal protection tube and an increased protection against electrostatic, electromagnetic and conducted interferences. It is worth mentioning about its IP57 class of protection and the modified spherical shape of the sensor’s “head”, which enhances its shock resistance, as well as about its reduced size that allows installing the sensor beneath the units located within close proximity to the fuel tank.

Fuel sensor is connectable with major AVLs that have analog or digital interfaces, depending on the type of a sensor. It also meets the possibility to connect several sensors. This feature is useful for vehicles with two or more fuel tanks, as well as with large tanks to increase measurement accuracy during jiggling on a road.

Omnicomm LLS 30160 have been successfully tested in a home market (Russia) and now available for international customers.