Teltonika Telematics introduces the newest modifications of the best-selling CAN adapters LV-CAN200 and CAN-CONTROL. New models open up possibilities for even more use cases and provide add-on value to the customers.

New Teltonika telematics CAN adapters available

Incoming adapters are now available in these options:


With the optional hardware CAN-CONTROL+DTC, you will be able to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the vehicle ECU and react fast in case of malfunction. With these solutions, customers are able to receive updates on the health of their fleet on time. Malfunction prevention equals additional value.

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Immobilizing vehicle without relay installation

The hardware option with the Engine block feature CAN-CONTROL+IMMO allows you to immobilize the vehicle without relay installation. It helps to speed up installation time and reduce installation costs. The same wires are used for CAN data reading. This means double value for the same effort.

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Diagnostic trouble codes and indications

With the optional hardware LV-CAN200 with DTC, you will be able to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the vehicle ECU and provide trouble indications to the customers on time. This comes together with the other valuable data supported by LV-CAN200.

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