Teltonika is happy to present the newest members of 4G devices portfolio – FMC001 (LTE CAT1) and FMM001 (CAT-M1) plug and play OBDII trackers.

The main advantage – fast and effortless installation – is even more relevant in the context of the global pandemic situation when delivery services and delivery fleets are booming and companies require an easy and quick way to track their vehicles.

As for the long term, mobile networks worldwide are on a continuous path of improvement. In some countries, the good old 2G and 3G networks are no longer available, in some – soon will not be. By releasing FMC001 and FMM001, Teltonika once again aims to get ahead of competitors and meet the growing demand for smart LTE plug and play trackers. There will be no surprises for the current partners as most of the features are identical to the preceding FMB001 device.

Key features:

  • Fast and effortless installation – the most convenient way to ensure permanent tracking
  • OBII data reading – provide a wider range of service by reading CAN bus data from vehicle ECU
  • BLE 4.0 – you can connect various external devices and Low Energy sensors via Bluetooth
  • Network fallback functionality – ensure stable connection as FMC001 supports fallback to 2G/3G and FMM001 to 2G
  • Reliable accelerometer – Crash detection functionality working according to reliable accelerometer data

The first batch is already in stock – be among the first to order Teltonika’s new devices.

More about new devices: FMM001 & FMC001