Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co. recently announced their new GPS device TK119-W. Peculiar feature of the tracker is that it works with 3G networks.

Eelink embodied in this AVL device a great number of such outstanding features like the highest IP76 waterproof class, A-GPS or an extended I/O port to add extension function, thus the most important improvement is 3G connectivity.

Eelink keeps up with such world-renowned brand names like Queclink, Meitrack, Concox, Teltonika and some other. The popularity of these devices is constantly growing due to the upcoming 2G shutdown.

Such telecom enterprises like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon announced their plans to scale down 2G network support. According to the “Global 2G Network Shutdown” report, the tenfold increase in mobile data traffic from 2010-2014 drove operators to invest in more advanced networks.

“Improvements in technology can only aim to make the workplace run even smoother. If your fleet is still functioning with 2G connectivity, you won’t be getting the accurate data. You must switch to 3G GPS tracker,” reported Eelink representative.

Detailed description of features which Eelink TK119-W has you may find on Eelink website.