Good news for the Thailand market! Teltonika is presenting FMU126, an advanced real-time tracking terminal with 3G network coverage, and fallback to 2G.

The device is equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and 3G modules, internal GNSS, and 3G antennas. Teltonika designed this tracker to fulfill the requirements of the Department of Land Transport (DLT) in Thailand.

What makes FMU126 an outstanding choice and delivers additional value for GPS telematics solution providers is its high-end features:

  • Designed with an RS232 interface for the magnetic card reader and various third-party external devices;
  • Additional +5V output – allowing you to save precious time on integration;
  • The buzzer on PCB – saving installation costs;
  • BLE sensors and beacons – dramatically expand business opportunities;
  • More than 6 hours long of internal battery life while collecting records every second;
  • CAN adapters support – capturing CAN data from any kind of transport.

In addition, FMU126 has many more functionalities that meet compliance requirements and deliver more value. It is a perfect tracker for the Thailand market.

More information: FMU126