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    un muy buen articulo y de mucha ayuda

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    Just try Uboro. And relax 🙂

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    one of the service provider (among the top 5) is actually asking for more than the existing price, why would they be asking for more than what they are charging everyone else? we are willing to pay the existing price, but they have quoted a very high price.

    are they thinking that we will bargain, if we are quoted the existing price? it is not making any sense & we are in desperate need of their service, please advise.

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    Gpsoneplus also a very reasonable and trustworthy company. They have huge stock of Gps hardware and they also provide best white label gps tracking platform at reasonable price. They have tracking software which is web based and mobile based. Check this out.

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    Muy lindas todas esas plataformas. yo uso navixy actualmente. pero me estoy migrando a RedGPS. una empresa que viene creciendo mucho en Colombia y Panama por lo que veo.

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    None of the softwares provide LIVE TRACKING with a minimum 1 sec data interval.
    We had developed so many features which they will never attain.
    All these software are fine, for individual customers, not for fleets and customised solutions.

    Above given softwares keep asking for money everytime, they do any update, and then their price are quite Big.

    We should not reply on these.

    Write me at
    For more details

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    muhammad aslam

    we have 10 devoices we need to subscriptions for one year and 5 year we need price for each devoice and group devoice please send as soon as possible

    best regards
    Muhammad aslam Mughal

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      Dear Muhammad,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Please, send your request to The specialists will help you.

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    Which one support camera device? we need this information.

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    Divya Bhansali

    Thanks for providing such a list of GPS tracking software. For more advanced GPS tracking software you can also check:

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    The document is completely outdated. For example GPSGate can be used in your own server or as a service and it cost $3 per unit, minimum 25 units.

    Wialon is not as difficult to use as described here and is one of the best options in the market, and is not my opinion, search in google.

    avixy is not user friendly. Lacks some basic functionalities and devices “integrated” are not fully integrated, feature as basic as power voltage and battery level won’t show for some important brands. Once you contract them every request will be charged, even to solve a bug that is not your responsibility. Some rules have to be made one by one for every device which is very time consuming.

    3dtracking is not included on the document and is at least 3rd place.

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    Rashid Maalim

    I’ve been using WIALON AND GPSWOX for a couple of years now, with Wialon it has a lot of configuration to go through for your Device to work perfectly eg When you want to configure for Fuel management ,Involves a lot of steps to go through,such that whenever you mess up with a single click you’ll receive completely false result.

    However GPSWOX is very easy to use no much things to do in order to get what you want,Its drawback is, it has very few Detailed Maps especially for interior parts of Africa. And its Reports features have a few options and is not very customizable as compared with Wialon

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    Abhishek Kumar

    It is really informative post for me, I was just looking the best blog post about Best GPS tracking software, then I got your to post, thanks for sharing such a best informative post here


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