Teltonika, one of the world’s most famous GPS tracker manufacturers, has released an update tool for its trackers, Teltonika FOTA. The abbreviations stands for the Firmware-Over-The-Air, as it allows its users to update any Teltonika FMXXXX device remotely.

To start using the app you first need to set your external IP address and TCP port in communication section and you will also need Teltonika GSM modem installed and working (or configured TAVL SMS Server). You also have to configure the connection to the database following the instructions from the manual

Once all these issues are settled, you can add an object pressing the “+” button or import a list of objects from the CVS file.

Firmware upgrading process

You can update several devices at the same time if they are of the same module type. There is an important thing to know: for update to succeed selected objects must be registered in Teltonika licensing server otherwise the update will be rejected. In order to register your devices, you should send a complete list of objects to Teltonika export manager with IMEI numbers and FM type specified.

To update Teltonika using FOTA technology, you have to:

  1. Select objects from Teltonika main window;
  2. Select firmware file to upload;
  3. Press “Start update” and review selected objects;
  4. After reviewing the full list of objects, their firmware version and module type, you can proceed with the update, pressing once again at “Start update” button;
  5. You can monitor the status of each object in the main window. You can also cancel the upgrade if necessary.

Objects remote configuration

It is also possible to update objects configuration via FOTA application. This function is disabled by default but can be unlocked by request. The remote configuration is supported for the following FM models and firmware versions:

  1. FM1100 base firmware v.01.10.xx
  2. FM1100 special firmware v.43.00.xx with LV-CAN200 support
  3. FM11YX (FM1110; FM1111; FM1120; FM1121; FM1122) base firmware v.00.03.xx.
  4. FM12YX (FM1200; FM1202; FM1204) base firmware v.01.03.xx.
  5. FM5300 base firmware v.01.07.xx (AutoCAN parameters configuration is not supported).