Recently Technoton’s introduced a new product to its fuel meters line. The smart fuel level sensor is designed for getting an accurate info on a fuel volume in the vehicle tank (cars, buses, trucks) or stationary installations. The novelty is also interesting in the way that it can be used both as a part of a GPS fleet monitoring system detecting fuel fraud and consumption, as well as act like an ordinary fuel level meter.

Here’s a rundown of the main features:

  • The third electrode for defining dielectric constant. Configurable thermal correction;
  • No need of recalibration when switching a fuel type;
  • Digital self-diagnostics;
  •  CAN (J1939);
  • No recalibration required for up to 30% length reduction of the sensor (DUT-E А5, DUT-E А10, DUT-E I);
  • Ability to increase length up to 6000 mm with additional sections;
  • Bayonet-type fastening;
  • A standard 5-bolted flange for more installing ways;
  • Filter for water and mud protection;
  • Output signal showing fuel level in mm, fuel volume in littres, percentage of full tank capacity.

DUT-E’s connection to a GPS tracker system is indeed a wise solution taking into account that the place and the time of the fuel level changes have to reach a supervisor in time. What do you think about Technoton’s fuel level meters series? Share your experience with us, leave a comment below.