Sibros, providing a Deep Connected Vehicle platform, recently announced their joint work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) towards increasing advanced connectivity offerings for the global automotive industry. 

Sibros provides a Deep Connectivity Platform for vehicles — Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates with real-time data logging, diagnostics, fleet/service management, and artificial intelligence-powered analytics. The platform securely manages all in-vehicle software and data between vehicles, networks, and the cloud to enable the connected vehicle ecosystem.

Sibros and AWS enabling Advanced Vehicle Connectivity Solutions

Such a deep connectivity approach helps vehicle makers to address various connected vehicle use cases and fix software/electronic defects remotely as well as at scale utilizing a single system. 

The AWS Partner Network (APN), a global partner program for technology and consulting businesses that leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers, has recently included Sibros into the collaborator’s ecosystem.

The APN recognizes companies that are deploying customer applications utilizing AWS services. Being empowered by this fresh collaboration, Sibros can now be discovered in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder and will take part in a wide range of joint marketing activities and dedicated events for automakers.