The Lithuanian company Teltonika had one of the biggest booths in the Internet of Things Hall at CeBIT this year. An arsenal of Teltonika’s pioneer products was also solid.

Vilnius-based manufacturer showed 5 devices. The first one is FM3600/FM3620, professional fleet management terminal with the NTP time synchronization support (when GPS is not available) and LV-CAN200.

Another AVL terminal is FM6300/FM6320. This tracker supports J1708 and J1939 protocols of onboard data. It works with 3G networks as well as FM36** series. The difference of FM**00 and FM**20 trackers is higher capacity of a battery.

Teltonika also presented FM0900/FM0920, the portable wired tracker for cars and motorbikes. This product may be loved by private car and moto drivers, who like compact-size devices. Teltonika FM0920 have an internal backup battery.

As for promising products, Lithuanians presented FM4000, the OBDII devices that can be deployed as a Wi-Fi hotspot using LTE. However, according to Teltonika’s statement, they start the production in the long run.

Teltonika also demonstrated AT2000, the asset tracker, that can be mounted with magnets or screws. Its appearance is similar to older AT1200 model, but all hardware will be revolutionary new. More details are coming.