A few days ago Teltonika put in the web description of their newest GPS terminal Teltonika FM1000. An imposing name of the GPS tracker is not the only feature.

This OBDII tracker can read data from a vehicle on-board PC as distinct from another plug-and-play device Teltonika FM1010, that has OBDII connector only for installation and power-line supply.

Teltonika FM1000 can be used with many vehicle models, this list is a little bit poor in comparison with OBDII devices manufactured by other companies (e.g Queclink GV500).

The manufacturer also states that the device will have Jamming detection and Excessive Idling detection features. As for the rest, everything looks so similar to another OBDII GPS unit.

An estimated sale price is unknown, thus, will be definitely higher than a price of Teltonika FM1010.