Popularity of GPS padlocks is constantly growing as GPS padlock is an efficient and simple solution to protect any kind of cargo during transportation. Various manufacturers have come up with a solution, a smart padlock with a GPS tracker inside.

These devices become more and more popular among cargo and logistic companies and manufacturing facilities. The reasons are clear:

  • Cargo position is available all time along the route
  • Better scheduling and less time wasting for search and dispatching
  • Monitoring conditions for shipping of perishable items
  • Reliable and cheap (compared with cargo worth)

These devices are usually used in large-scale projects like big transnational companies, that use thousands of GPS units. It makes GPS padlock a kind of “honey pot”. Here is a list of popular GPS padlocks.

HHD Technology Padlock

However, these devices can provide more functions. For example, a waterproof GPS padlock, made by HHD Technology, is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) portable terminal. This technology is quite similar to popular RFID feature, but works on a maximum range of about 4 inches (10 centimeters).

Arknav CT-X8

As a rule, this kind of GPS trackers works in an interval and continuous mode, but more effective is the last one. It helps to extend battery life that is crucial during long-distance transportation. Arknav CT-X8 may work up to several weeks without a single recharge.

Starcom Tetis R

For example, Starcom equips their Tetis R tracker with a built-in temperature sensor for monitoring the environmental temperature conditions with the accuracy up to ±0.2°C. The humidity and light level may be also detected by special sensors.

The other way to control the transportation safety is a built-in accelerometer. It is designed for detecting jiggling and other dangerous motions of cargo.

GPS padlocks should to work all around the world. Сonsequently, a GSM module is a must-have hardware to send a tracker’s position. When GSM networks aren’t available some advanced trackers like Starcom Tetis Hybrid use Iridium chip. It makes a device bigger and increases its power consumption.

There are a lot of their devices that differ in functionality and price. Every GPS padlock is made for its own market niche and provides the best solution for business.

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