Russian manufacturer GalileoSky presents their newest brainchild named Boxfinder. This asset tracking terminal is absolutely amazing with its autonomous operation time lasting for 10 years!

If this feature is not just a word, GalileoSky Boxfinder might become the most long-lasting GPS device with a rich set of functions.

The device weighs 350 grams (12.34 oz) and have 125 x 102 x 42 mm size (4.92 х 4 х 1.6 inches) and can be mounted with self-tapping screws.

We contain all its fundamental features in the list:

  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • LBS locating
  • Quad-band GSM connectivity
  • IRIDIUM connectivity (optional)
  • Acoustic control of environment around a tracker
  • Inputs/Outputs for SOS button, Temperature sensor, Fuel Sensor, RFID reader and cut-engine relay availability
  • Absolute water and dust protection (IP65)
  • Low and high-temperature ambient conditions operation: from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
  • Absolutely independent power supply
  • Easy and solid mounting in a vehicle or container
  • Accelerometer
  • Smart sleep mode
  • Decapsulation sensor

It should be marked that GalileoSky Boxfinder can work during 10 years in the interval tracking mode updating its position 2 times a day. The comprehensive tracking is adjustable.

It seems that device sticks out with its operation time, IRIDIUM availability and the highest durability. It can be used for cross-border and maritime transportation and also for surveillance and insurance telematics with sparsely inhabited and isolated territories.

The device also has their weaknesses like a requirement of changing a battery at the GalileoSky office, because it сan’t to be purchased anywhere else on a market except manufacturer’s shop. Another disadvantage is the absence of A-GPS. However, the manufacturer states that device’s cold start can be done in 35 seconds.

Unfortunately, Boxfinder is not equipped with a detaching sensor. It is must have feature for devices of this class.

An expected retail price is about $170 for GSM models and up to $500 for IRIDIUM units.