The Taiwan company adorn their roll-up in Hannover with three fresh devices: ATrack AS1, ATrack AS3 and Atrack AX9. Each GPS tracker has clear business appliance covering different logistics niches.

The first two are the newest asset tracking devices. ATrack AS1 has a replaceble battery that can work about 3 years in the “one report per day” mode while AS3 has a rechargeable battery.  AS1 also supports the A-GPS feature, thus AS3 can work with external devices (sensors, SOS button, etc) using microUSB connection.

ATrack AS1 and AS3 has a high waterproof class (IP67) and can be easily mounted on any type of property assets. Some fair advantage of AS1 is using of increasing built-in memory from 2MB in the AS3 model to 8MB.

Other device presented at CeBIT 2016 is ATrack AX9 tracker. This OBDII device can read more PC data from different type of vehicles using the J1939 protocol.

This device looks very fancy like a big USB memory stick. The building quality is good as usual for ATrack devices, thus, its market price is high and can be more than $100 (that is also very hallmark for this manufacturer). ATrack still positions themselves as a high-end device maker.

All these models works with LoRa networks and will be shown at CeBIT this week.