U‑Blox M10 provides ultra-low-power positioning in an ultra-compact form factor while preserving accuracy and availability. It allows to build more efficient, compact, and accurate devices.

What is U-blox M10

U-Blox, a manufacturer of wireless semiconductors and modules for consumers, recently introduced an ultra-low-power GNSS receiver for high-performance asset tracking devices.

It features 12 mW power consumption in continuous tracking mode and high RF sensitivity, decreasing the time required to establish a position fix. All these features make the u‑blox M10 platform favorable for asset tracking applications.

M10 receiver by U-Blox for high-performance asset tracking

High location accuracy and tiny dimensions

The receiver’s Super-S technology assists in distinguishing positioning signals from background noise to capture positioning data in case of weak satellite signals.

In addition,  high RF sensitivity allows reliable work with small antennas, opening great opportunities for compact product designs.

This new GNSS platform will be supported by AssistNow, u-blox’s assisted GNSS service, to accelerate positioning and improve accuracy. AssistNow Autonomous is an embedded feature available free ‑of ‑charge that accelerates GNSS positioning, accounting for the periodic nature of GNSS satellite orbits. Depending on the required level of assistance, the service is available free of charge or for a recurring fee.

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