There are a lot of ideas how to use Raspberry bite-size computers: from a mobile radio station to retro rotary dial internet telephone. This hardware may also be used for making your own GPS tracker.

To embody this idea a technically-gifted user must have Raspberry Pi Zero mini-PC and Adafruit FONA Mini Cellular GSM and GPS. It is possible to make a smart GPS device putting these hardware elements together. After the assembly process, described in the article, you would get a GPS tracker that can work on very specific (even exotic) tasks. The tracker may be mounted to any assets or vehicles.

The advantage of this homemade solution:

  • Sharp price. All the hardware elements cost about $50.
  • Absolute device customization. A variety of different devices (like a video camera or microphone) and hardware may be connected to the system.
  • High performance. Tracker works as a normal PC much more effective than most manufactured GPS devices.

At last, it is interesting and fun to build your own GPS solution.

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