In such a challenging market as providing of GPS tracking services smart entrepreneurs can always prove their abilities in opening new competitive advantages. Geoforce, a company that specialises on GPS tracking solutions for Oil and Gas industries, gives us a new evidence.

The idea of Geoforce is to deliver fleet tracking solution in an “as a service” model – which refers not only to the software (SaaS), but also to the hardware (HaaS). The company believes it is very propitious moment to start with this offer. With obvious benefits of GPS tracking as a resource for reducing costs and boosting fleet productivity, there are still impediments on faster implementations of the latest technologies.

The procurement of GPS tracking devices in HaaS model helps Geoforce to close deals faster for a number of reasons. First of all, from customer’s view, it turns capital expenses to operational, allowing top managers to approve the budgets easier. Lower upfront payments leads to faster introduction of GPS tracking initiatives. Secondly, inherent perpetual replacement of the devices means less concerns about the warranty and gives performance benefits from the latest technologies implemented in newer models. By and large, “HaaS+SaaS” contracts help customers to obtain fleet coverage faster.

Though these shifts are yet remarkable in GPS tracking field, they meet general trends in IT business. More and more companies bring HaaS solutions to the B2B and B2C markets in all spheres and even turn this concept into the main marketing strategy. There is a strong probability such a cost-effective way to deliver manageable IT services will soon become very popular among GPS tracking entrepreneurs.