The newest fish traps with GPS will be used by accredited fishing vessels in Dubai. The project was unveiled by the local Ministry of Environment and Water a few days ago.

With its traditional semispherical “gargoor” shape, a device will be loaded with GPS trackers, underwater cameras and different sensors inside. A GPS device will respond for tracking thousands of fish traps, giving information about the harvesting volume. The authorities will also know if fishing boats work in dangerous or preserved areas.

“This is extremely interesting from all points; you’re collecting data, you know where the gargoor is being deployed, you know whether the fisherman is in a protected area or not. You have much more control, protecting the marine environment and fish biomass,” said Mariam Mohammad Saeed Hareb, Assistant Undersecretary at the Water Resources and Nature Conservation Affairs Department of the ministry to

These “Smart gargoors” may come to a mass-market in the next months and make the sea area safer both for fishermen and (for a wonder) fishes. At any rate, the government plans to replenish the stock of the living resources using this innovation.