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    I think that another change must happen to make 3G work at full capacity: the availability of low-cost effective flat plans for M2M providers. You won’t transmit gigabytes of video if you pay per mbyte.

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    I wonder will this blow the interest to GPS tracking systems that collect big data from vehicle sensors, i.e. enormous volume of data from CAN bus? Imagine you get a real time information about every of hundreds of sensors installed in vehicle – that opens a lot of possibilities in many applications, like safety, maintenance, insurance, environmental and more.

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      No, the interest in GPS tracking systems will not dim due to 3G and 4G. Our GPS tacker is a data collection computer that is connected on the truck and it uploads its collected data every 30 seconds using the 3G+ data network. We have been selling this unit for over 3 years without problems. The interest is rising the more information we can collect or mine from the collected data for the user on each truck.

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        Kirill Ovsyannikov

        Which device do you mean?


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