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GPS tracking brand: Concox promo video

One of the most famous GPS tracker manufacturer, Chinese company Concox, has posted a short film about the their brand, factories and people. A list of Concox GPS devices may be found in our... Read more


HowTo: What events vehicle trackers can detect

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) devices not just provide location and telemetry data, but can also detect certain circumstances, which might be important to user, and report about them as s... Read more


HowTo: Interfaces of vehicle GPS trackers

The majority of classic AVL devices have more than two wires that normally required for power supply. Their connectors might contain up to 20 pins and even more, though average amount is som... Read more


HowTo: GPS trackers for vehicles

When you’re searching for vehicle GPS trackers, also known as Automotive Vehicle Location (AVL) devices, you’ll notice that the majority of them look very similar. Indeed, if you are not a p... Read more

Location technology

HowTo: Locating techniques

What should you know about tracking features of your GNSS device? Everyone is familiar with GPS – a reliable and very accurate method to locate the position on the Earth. That’s what GP... Read more