A funny story happened in Thailand last weekend during Bangkok Half-marathon event. It turned out that organizer’s measurement of 13-miles distance was exceedingly inaccurate. This confusing fact was brought to light thanks to personal GPS trackers of runners.

Stated route length was more than the real one for 4 miles because of the fatal U-turn that should not exist. According to the Facebook page of the event, this misleading by the marathon organizers made runners crazy and very tired. The page is full of painful comments about how unbearable was the challenge to run 17 miles instead of 13.

The interesting fact is that all of the angry runners used personal GPS watches, while not so advanced sportsmen apparently didn’t feel any matters of complaint. Ironically, a phrase “knowledge is powerlessness” can be a good slogan for the next marathons.

But not so fast, fancy pants! Now we know that GPS usually overestimates distance you ran.