The US Air Forces announced a final round of Request for Proposal for the newest GPS III Launch Services at the end of September. The system is planned to be launched in 2018, but there is still no infrastructure for getting the newest Lockheed Martin’s satellites in space.

The militaries will collect the proposals until the 17th of November and then will present the specified project to the government. The Air Forces have an unspoken mission to fix a balance between the price and quality of future launching system. Also, they should not forget about the time limits soaring around a practical part of the project that had to be started in 2014.

“We hope to reintroduce competition in order to promote innovation and reduce cost to the taxpayer while maintaining our steadfast laser focus on mission assurance and assured access to space,” said Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves, Space and Missile Systems Center commander and Air Force Program Executive Officer for Space according to

The newest GPS III satellites will send more powerful civilian signals L2C, L1C and L5 that will be used for “life safety” navigation, among other things. With these −154 dBW, −157 dBW and -160 dBW signals Global Positioning System will get advanced standards of navigation accuracy.

The full options of GPS III were described in our latest GNSS review.