Cloud is rapidly becoming the new normal in GPS tracking field. Market leaders have already set the new trend, meeting the demand for flexibility, scalability and lower costs.

This summer two of the world’s popular GPS tracking platforms GpsGate and Navixy became available in Cloud. Right now their users may run their services not only on their own servers, but also using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) option.

Though the number of installations in Cloud is quite low and still far from on-premise (standalone) or hosted quantity now, it shows great promise.

Why this trend is growing and what benefits does Cloud bring to companies and GPS tracking providers?

  • Deploying in Cloud is very simple. Using machine images greatly simplifies the installation and update process. For example, deploying Navixy from Amazon Marketplace takes just a few minutes.
  • Lower spendings and extreme reliability. Usually, it’s more beneficial to use a cloud server based on Amazon or Azure, saving your resources and time. Also your virtual server infrastructure is in good hands of the professional team.
  • Possibility of quick growth. Your payments directly depend on number of tracked assets. Pay only for GPS units you use.

All the list of available GPS tracking services may be found in AWS Marketplace.