Last weeks were marked with Star Wars mania all around the world on the occasion of the newest episode premiere. Millions of fans try to do their best to show how big their Star Wars passion is. However, Gene Lu, a runner from Portland, chose an unexpected way to demonstrate his love for the film.

This Portlander spent plenty of time to draw themed Star Wars GPS doodles using his mobile phone and application Nike+ Running. He posted figures of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, a space interceptor and an AT-AT Walker on his Instagram and got hundreds of likes.

The easiest GPS doodle of spacefighter requires a 5-mile run while the most difficult figures take many hours of fatigue workouts. For example, the doodle of Darth Vader was equal to a 15-miles long training distance with a lot of turns.

telematics-talks formerly wrote about Stephen Lund, GPS doodle-master, who drew his amazing worldwide famous GPS figures on a city map in Victoria (British Columbia, Canada).

The Nike+ Running application has more than 10 millions of downloads in Google Play that makes this running app one the most popular on a market.