Teltonika, a manufacturer of GPS tracking devices, will expand its booth at CeBIT this year. “Telematics&Automotive” exhibition area is growing as more companies come to show its GPS-based location solutions and telematic system upswing, according to the press-release of the organizer .

All past years Teltonika was a permanent exhibitor at CeBIT showing its wide assortment of GPS trackers. In 2016 the company presents a new line of its smallest devices for vehicle tracking, such as FM1100FM1120 and FM1125, as well as OBDII tracker FM1010.

Despite the compactness the latest models from Teltonika have extremely high functionality. It is suffice to mention such features as “Green driving” that allows to improve driving behaviour and make fleet environmentally-friendly, the ability to read smart data from vehicle’s digital sensors and CAN bus, and of course, 3G connectivity as the response to a coming shutdown of 2G networks in many countries.

CeBIT is among those top events that GPS professionals should visit this year. telematics-talks will follow this event and reveal the latest technologies showcasing in the “Telematics&Automotive” hall.