Inhabitants of post-industrial city care a lot about their own health. It’s a trend of the last few years. Singapore, Frankfurt and London white-collars wake up 2 hours earlier to get in their gyms or treadmills and only after that they go to an office.

If you live near the Rue de Rivoli in Paris it is not surprising that you choose an open-air running along the Seine as your morning fitness. Probably, that’s why Paris is considered the best place for hardworking runners.

According to, GPS technologies prove the excellence of Paris runners in a pace and average distance rating. It was sorted out by mobile tracking service Strava Insights that monitors thousands of runners and cyclists in biggest cities of the world.

Downloading a special app for mobile phone the runner becomes a part of a global experiment and interesting undeclared competition. The data from your smartphone is transmitted into the database and then it is published on Strava Insights website.

Taking a look on the list, we see that Paris runners cover 6.2 miles per one training session on the average. The second place goes to Barcelona, Berlin and Milan with an average distance 5.9 miles.

The fastest runners of 12 observable cities also live in the French capital. The approximate speed of local sportsmen is 8:56 per mile while London (the second fastest city) has 9:01 as an averaged time rate. The third is Berlin with 9:11.

According to Strava Insights statistic, London has the highest number of runners with more than 3 millions of recorded activities. Probably, the reason of such exciting results is the popularity of that mobile app in England.

The “record day” of London was on March 22 this year when more than 10 thousand of runners took a part in Richmond Half Marathon and 10 km event. Most of them have their own GPS trackers or special mobile apps. The trend is quite clear.