The Bubye Valley Conservancy, that is situated in the south of Zimbabwe, face the problem of lions’ growing overpopulation. Right now there are over 500 lions in the 3 000-square-kilometre area and regulators want to kill 200 of them.

The necessity of lion’s cull is stipulated by the danger of other animal’s elimination. However, the paradox is that hunters need to kill these predators to save some zebras or wildebeest.

The problem might be solved easily in old times. The history knows some mass cull of lions in the 20th century. Now, scientists may offer to use GPS technologies to avoid unnecessary victims among this beautiful and hazardous animals.

They suggest using GPS collars to analyze lion’s behavior in a pride and to control their migration and population. The scientists think that the dangerous situation may be balanced without culls because lions will compete for limited food resources and kill each other in a natural way.

It is only a theory, thus, it is good to know that GPS solutions may help avert animal killing by a human. But all the same, the problem of overpopulation in the conservancy will not become easier after integrating this smart solution.