Robert Rubin, founder of SkyPatrol GPS tracking company, was selected by top global experts from Endeavor non-profit organization as a one of the most talented and promising entrepreneurs. Now, with support from Endeavor the company expects to catalyze its domestic and international business.

To win this competition an entrepreneur must prove his a company has good capacity to grow and ability to generate jobs. Established in 2002, SkyPatrol develops tracking solutions for fleet and asset tracking. One of its highlighted products, Defender, helps auto lenders increase the rate of borrowers’ on-time payments and lower the cost of repossessing cars. “This invaluable opportunity of benefitting from the Endeavor network support gives us added motivation to exceed our goals,” said Robert Rubin.

Endeavor supports entrepreneurs who have the highest potential to transform industries, communities and countries. The fact that Endeavor has added a GPS tracking company into its portfolio is remarkable itself and shows how important the role GPS tracking technology plays today for driving innovations.