News from Washington County (Tennessee, United States) discourage me. During two October weeks, there were 121 instances of speeding allowed by school bus drivers. Each instance could result in an accident like three years ago when the local school bus was crushed by an inaccurate driver and more than 25 kids were injured.

It is not a problem of a small town in the United States. It is an all-around “hidden” tragedy. I can’t understand why school bus drivers consciously violate the traffic rules when they have dozens of young passengers behind their backs. I don’t see any reasons to cross the line when gained time could become a serious injury or even death for our kids. It is the attempt of manslaughter.

GPS helps authorities of Washington County realize how big this problem is. It will work for any state and any town in any country where satnav is operable.

The main parts of school transport safety systems:

  • A reliable GPS tracker for navigation and locating a vehicle
  • Overspeed sensor with preset lower speed limit
  • Harsh driving sensor with preset change of acceleration and direction
  • Emergency signal that can be activated by SOS button or automatically
  • An on-board PC reader for keeping vehicle in good trim

A cost of vehicle unit (click here to see most popular devices) equipping is nothing in comparison with kid’s health. GPS device has to control harsh driving and speeding of a school employee. Nowadays we have a rich toolkit to make our roads safer. However, it is more important to make timely conclusions while it is not too late.

Next time when you criticize imperfection of GPS technology just remember that satnav is just a tool in someone’s imperfect hands.