At the end of October, The National Labor Relations Board defined employee tracking legal without bargaining with the union in the United States. This decision put an end to the hot controversy surrounding this problem both in a media and at courts.

NLRB resolved that installation of GPS trackers or other surveillance systems is not “material, substantial, and significant” change for agreement with the union.

It means that U.S employers can breathe a sigh of relief without fear to get sued while using GPS trackers and apps on its company vehicles or smartphones. They still have the right to monitor and control a transport and their workers personally to improve the discipline and cut the costs.

Today it can be arranged by using personal GPS trackers, such as Meitrack MT90 or Queclink GL200, as well as with apps for smartphones and tablets. Vehicle tracking can be fully realized with OBDII tracker (e.g. Coban GPS306, Teltonika FM1010) or classic AVLs (e.g. Teltonika FM1100TopFlyTech T8808).