Concox will work with Beidou (the Chinese GNSS) to provide accurate positioning services for sportsmen, coaches, journalist, volunteers and guests of the biggest sports event.

Together with some other local companies this Chinese manufacturer will try to embody a special device and application for different purposes.

Obviously, the result of the cooperation can be really useful for Beijing’s guests helping them to have maximum comfort and positive experience during the Games. Thanks largely to the ambitions of the Chinese government to have their own global navigation system and incontestable successful practical examples.

Right now Concox increases their Beidou/GPS unit base follow the newborn inside-market trend. The company states: “In 2015, Concox has achieved 20% of Beidou transformation that is expected to reach 50% in 2016. By continuous efforts, Concox strives to be a leading runner both in Beidou and GPS areas.”

This trend of the growing GNSS popularity happens to be in India, where the local IRNSS pushes sales of GPS devices.