We love to find some interesting and unusual cases of using GPS technology in everyday life. Sometimes it seems impossible not to become wide-eyed, thus the potential of the technology is really high even for our hardcore and accustomed brains.

Here is the deal. Peru wants to use vultures fitted with GPS devices to monitor illegal rubbish dumping. Could you imagine that?

The problem of the pollution and garbage dumps is very actual in urban areas of the Peruvian capital Lima. This city is living up to its reputation as the dirtiest city in Latin America. The extent of the problem is so huge to carry the consequences of damage to the health of local people.

More than 6,000 tons of trash are produced by the city and significant part of the garbage (about 5-10%) remains on streets. The reason is old as the hills. Nobody wants to pay for the waste recycling. There are about 70% of Lima’s habitant who ignore any kind of refusing and recycling fees.

The government decided to find the other way. They will equip birds with GPS tracking devices and GoPro cameras. Vultures are well-known as natural garbage collectors. They can detect garbage dumps guided by their excellent instincts.

The idea is funny and boosts our ego because we used to think we are “masters of the Nature” ruling the animals, birds and microbes. Actually, I can’t realize a practical usefulness of this initiative. What do the municipal authorities wait from the birds? Can they find a garbage on their streets without such “special forces”?

According to the source in the Peru’s Environment Ministry, they want birds to take photos of contaminated territories. It would be interesting to see, how it will play into the hands of lazy city inhabitants. They will have one more reason to idle and keep doing nothing with all this “garbage nightmare”.

With all my skepticism on the news, the idea will have its chances. Against the media frenzy, when TV and newspapers depict these birds as superheroes helping to keep the city clean, people will have one more opportunity to think about their virulent behavior. I hope, they will be put to the blush, at least.