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Deep Learning in Telematics

Deep learning is a perspective and rapidly developing part of machine learning methods. Deep learning aimed at progressive extraction of higher-level features from the raw input da... Read more


Insurance telematics

Insurance telematics and other commonly applied terms such as usage-based insurance (UBI), pay-as-you-drive telematics(PAYD),  pay-per-mile (PPM), and pay-how-you-dr... Read more


Smartphone sensors and mobile telematics

Mobile-based telematics currently is one of the most rapidly developing fields. Utilizing smartphones for telematics entails various clear advantages, including the elimination of hardware c... Read more


ADAS technology in Fleet Management

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is basically a kit of  functions utilized to improve safety by reducing a probabilities of the vehicle accidents. ADAS can be used not only for... Read more


LoRaWAN in Fleet Telematics

The LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol established to wirelessly connect battery operated ‘things’ to the internet in global, national, and regional networks. LoRaW... Read more


LIDAR: potential for Fleet Telematics

Contineously growing potential of vehicle autonomy reveales great prespectives for increased vehicle tracking and fleet management efficiency, thus increasing safety and cutting off operatio... Read more


6G-Wireless Flagship?

In 2020, we have entered a period sometimes referred as the “Internet of Everything” age – a concept that brings together people, data, things, and processes. Therefore, the data flow become... Read more


CAN bus: bits and pieces

CAN bus in a few sentences In a broad sense, CAN-bus (Controller Area Network-bus) is actually a set of standards that enable different devices to communicate with each other. It is an async... Read more


MQTT protocol

Internet of Things, MQTT and Markets Internet of Things (IoT) computing concept and related technology capture increasing attention over the last years. Verified Market Research re... Read more