Protecting of a family is the basic Instinct for the most people. GPS technologies help us to control our kids and seniors untiringly and bring this process to a new level. Millions of families all around the world use the simplest solutions for family tracking.

telematics-talks versed in the best GPS trackers that can help you secure your family members. We took 3 remarkable systems from North America, Europe, and Russia.

AmberAlertGPS (United States)

AmberAlertGPS is one of the oldest US company that focused on the personal GPS tracking solutions. It scored a major advantage in the market after affiliating with the AT&T telecommunications operator.

The device. It’s not the first generation of the device that AmberAlertGPS offers. Its current version has the size of 77×38×20 mm (3×1.5×0.8 inches), weighs only 67 grams (2.36 ounces) and has the customization in different colors. It’s equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery enabling a 40 hours operational time.

The service. AmberAlertGPS works only in interval tracking mode mode. It means that the device sends its coordinates every several minutes. Herewith, the observer can see a number of points on the display and retrieve the way of the tracker’s carrier.

The monitoring is available for web-services and mobile app with all the standard options like Geo-Fence control, speed control and different status information. The main disadvantage is that the working area of AmberAlert restricted to the United States and Canada due to the AT&T area coverage.

SOS button goes as an extra AmberAlertGPS feature. Pressing the SOS button the device sends all the emergency information (location, etc.) to the particular predefined number as well as also enabling an emergency two-way voice call.

The price. This device costs $125. The activation payment is $19.99 + one-year service agreement for $15, or $18 on a monthly basis.

Trax (Sweden)

Sweden is a birthplace of simple functionality (at least look at IKEA). This craving for simplicity was embodied in TRAX GPS tracker manufactured by a Swedish company WTS-Wonder Technology Solutions. The classic startup story (with all its merits and drawbacks) became a successful GPS service for pets and kids control.

The device. Trax has a 38×55×10 mm (1.5×2.2×0.4 inches) size and weights amazingly 25 grams (0.88 ounces). This tracker also has a lot of different colors for its housing, but its functionality is rather poorer. It doesn’t have any buttons, speaker or microphone there. The one and only option is pure tracking.

It is also equipped with the irremovable Gemalto U-MIM card and a built-in battery that can work 24 hours without a recharge.

The service. Tracking results observation is also very simple. You can see all the waypoints using a special mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. The minimum value for tracking mode (i.e. how often device communicates its position) is every 5 minutes. Trax can be operated in Europe and North America: 33 countries in total.

The main Trax feature is the ability to see direction and distance from your current position to GPS tracker and its carrier. Unfortunately, data logs storage is limited to 36 hours.

The price. Trax device costs $249 complemented by an obligatory 2-year service agreement. According to which, the customer has to pay $5 each month. The positive thing about this payment is that it covers all the GSM expenses and fees for operating the device in any of 33 countries.

GdeMoi (Russia)

The Russian personal tracking market is quite small and doesn’t have specialized services. However, the local company RusLink provides a personal navigation service called GdeMoi (means “Where are my at” in Russian).

The device. The second generation of personal GdeMoi locators has a 68.5×38.5×23.5 mm (2.7×1.5×0.9 inches) size with the weight of just 60 grams (2.11 ounces). Its housing is made of high quality waterproof black plastic. It can be used up to 7 days with no need to recharge.

The service. The service can be run with provided mobile apps on Android and iOS, or with the web interface on your computer. The system supports tracking in continuous and interval modes. All the data can be stored for up to 3 years.

The advantage of Russian service is its advanced tracking features, such as remote device configuration, flexible tracking mode settings and wide set of rules for thorough parental control.

  • Emergency connection with parents (SOS button and voice communication)
  • Autonomous operation up to 2 days
  • Rich software functionality
  • The service is limited by the AT&T operational area in North America
  • Interval tracking mode only
  • Device: $145 + mandatory 1-year service contract
  • Service: $15/$18 per month
  • Good design, small size and lightweight device
  • Flexible tracking: interval (7 days) and continuous (14 hours)
  • Rich software functionality
  • You should use the other SIM card outside Russia
  • No voice communication with a kid
  • Device: $145
  • Service: free or $5 with advanced features
  • Ideal design, portable size and lightweight device
  • Simple in use for parents
  • Available in 33 countries
  • Non-replaceable SIM-card
  • No SOS button or voice communication
  • Mediocre software options
  • Device: $249
  • Service: 2 year for free and $5 per month after that