Personal trackers

There are hundreds of GPS devices specializing in employee tracking. There are some identities that should be in a good employee stand-alone device:

Battery life, Smart power management and Easy charging

The devices must work for a long time. At least it should be operable for 8-12 hours of the worker’s shift. Smart power management (energy saving) may be an extremely useful feature in this case.

Good employee GPS tracker should be charged easily. The ideal option is charging from car lighter using USB wire. Sometimes there may be additional removable batteries in a set, that can be useful for working in a less accessible area far from power sources.

  • Special form and size factors. Obviously, such devices must be compact. A heavy device would be cumbersome for daily use, that’s why a weight of employee trackers is about 30-60 grams (1.05-2.15 oz). Special form features like wristbands, bracers or badges for more comfortable using are also highly-valued.
  • Durability and waterproof class. Employees may work in a severe environment, that’s why GPS devices have to be hard-to-hit and have a good protection from water and dust. The most reliable trackers for workers usually have a rubber housing for any unpleasant cases.
  • Safety features. A GPS device may be a key factor of on-the-job safety. During the day, workers may face any kind of emergency situations from an accident to attempted robbery. A tracker should be equipped with a SOS button as a basis and sound monitoring as an advanced feature. Another safety (and sometimes discipline) feature is switch-off control when a manager will exactly know when and why GPS tracker went offline.
  • High precision of tracking. Sometimes for performing tasks a worker needs to be in a direct place. If a manager wants to check this information, GPS tracking should be very accurate. It should be supported by Cell-ID location and A-GPS.
  • Built-in sensors. Advanced GPS devices for employees may be equipped with an odometer for precise measurement of distance or something like shake sensor for industrial high rise works. This data and emergency signals may be transmitted to an operator or manager.

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