Mobile apps

The mobile applications market is full of different tracking products. Some of them are made for fun, but some services are powered by good functionality for hard business purposes.

The key factors of a successful employee tracking mobile app are:

  • Complicated reports and statistics. A tracking app should be informative and give some food for thoughts. It should systemize data in many parameters like amount of tasks, average execution speed, the precise time of working processes and many others. This complicated information can be turned into right business conclusions.
  • High usability. An application must be advanced and easy to use. Often a worker doesn’t have enough experience that’s why the interface should be friendly to him. Surfeit of buttons, bars and marks can baffle and stress an employee. In this case, a success of a mission may be out on a limb.
  • Energy saving. A good application should use phone GPS module only when it’s really necessary because the permanent GNSS locating process spends battery a lot. A tracking app has to be “clever” enough at least after the user’s adjustment.
  • Background mode. A good quality of a reliable app is an ability of proper working in background mode. The tracker service should be operable even after a smartphone reboot. It has to be recovered automatically without any employee’s actions.
  • Time scheduling. Time scheduling is a necessary feature of employee tracking applications for workers who use company’s smartphones or vehicles 24 hours a day. Thank to this function a tracking app will work only in labor hours. However, employee’s private life will be secured.
  • Chat. Fast and simple communication is a good feature to improve business processes on a local level. Chat is an old and reliable solution for sharing the information about the current task and some special cases that happened during a workday.
  • Status. The status tag of a worker may be used for informing a manager about the achievement of an object or client and about the percentage of task’s completion.

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