Fuel flow meters

The specific of these devices is that fuel flow meters measure how much gasoline come through the fuel-supply line to a vehicle engine.

How does it work?

Fuel gauge DFM has three-dimensional ring type measuring chamber. DFM generates an impulse when the volume of fuel (which is equal to the volume of the measuring chamber) passes through it.

The system realizes how much fuel volume a vehicle spent on a route and provide an actual fuel consumption report to a fleet manager. It also can show the real working time of a vehicle.

The appliance field of flow meters is special vehicles like agricultural units or construction fleets when fuel level sensors may give significant errors because of fuel slashing.

However, flow meter has a range of disadvantages:

  • These devices are hard to install and it requires good technical skills
  • Some flow meters can’t count the intentional return of unused fuel
  • High service charge because flow meters need regular cleaning (especially in case of use in the northern countries or when the diesel fuel has a bad quality)
  • Flow meters can’t detect fuel theft accidents.

Anyway, these devices can be used with fuel level sensors for a more complex solution of the fuel management problem.

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