Mid-level devices

Fleet managers who look for features that help to reduce expenses should pay more attention to mid-class AVL devices. Such devices offer better and reliable GPS tracking, interfaces to monitor vehicle sensors and control external equipment, advanced safety options.

  • Accurate tracking. A-GPS, multiple GNSS (+GLONASS), higher sensitivity, ability to connect external devices. Advanced settings for configuration of tracking and sleeping modes depending on given parameters peculiar to the applications or vehicle type.
  • Inputs. A mid-level device is supposed to have multiple discrete and analog inputs. Discrete inputs allow to monitor on/off state of the vehicle’s systems, such as ACC/Ignition status or door opening sensors, as well as to connect buttons (i.e. SOS, machinery control). With analog ones you can connect variable sensors reflecting essential values, for example, fuel level or temperature in a cargo hold.
  • Outputs. These mid-class devices also can be connected with some simple external devices like a remotely blocker of the engine or starter for an engine pre-heater.
  • Safety features. Backup battery and external power monitoring, driver identification by e-key, tow and shake alert, or, for example, automatic siren activation when some safety related events occurred.
  • Audio communication. These devices may be equipped with one- or bi-directional sound communication system. It can be used for calling to (or from) a driver or for passive sound monitoring for security purposes.
  • Driving behavior. A special harsh-driving system allows to promote greener driving, vehicle maintenance and other positive factors. It is based on built-in accelerometer that detects speeding, hard braking and changing of driving direction.

Examples of such GPS trackers are:

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