High-end devices

The best and most expensive AVL terminals are usually used for vehicles working with a valuable cargo. Сutting edge GPS trackers must provide absolute functionality for exacting fleet management.

The most demanded purposes of these devices are using it in major fleet or specialty vehicles where control of digital on-board data (fuel temperature and etc) and computerized trouble control system are necessary. It is also needed when vehicles are exploited in special conditions or security and safety application field.

The features of high-end devices are:

  • OBDII and CAN data reading allows to keep your fleet green and healthy without spending money on additional sensors. It’s based on reading rich data from vehicle self-diagnostic system, for example, short and long term fuel trim, intake manifold pressure, air flow rate, calculated load value also with check engine (MIL) and DTC error codes.
  • Digital interfaces. Digital interfaces (most common are RS232, RS485 and 1-Wire) with noise-immunity signals provide the most accurate data reading for fuel, temperature, humidity, etc. Also such interfaces allow to connect, for example, cameras or Garmin navigation devices.
  • Highest durability. GPS device has to work in hard conditions, for example, when it works in severe conditions, like humidity climate, significant temperature drops or in dusty areas. It requires a highly waterproof and dustproof class together with solid housing.
  • Dual SIMs. They are necessary for using in areas with poor cellular coverage or in roaming. When one operator failed to provide a good quality signal, another one can do it.
  • Sabotage preventing. Most high-end GPS trackers should have seals on sockets, monitoring battery and SIM card slot opening, antenna cut.

There are some examples of high-end AVL trackers:

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