Theft prevention

Protecting a cargo from alleged theft is a well-known headache. There are two approaches to solve the problem: (1) do your best to prevent the stealing and (2) make the asset easy to recover. Both goals can be achieved with GPS anti-theft locators.

Fundamental Anti-theft features of asset trackers are:

  • Secured mounting. Some types of GPS devices can be extremely hard to detach thanks to magnet mounting. Fleet managers can use devices with very strong magnets and its unauthorized uninstalling may become a real problem for criminals. Obviously, this solution is suitable only for big container shipments.
  • Detaching sensors are also used for cargo security. When malefactors try to put a device away, it sends an emergency call to the owner. A manager can react to this action or raise a claim to a transport company after all.
  • Electronic seals have very similar principles of work. Only authorized staff with special e-keys (iButtons) has the access to cargo. In case of sided attempts to open a container its built-in GPS device signals about it.
  • Concealed locators may be also used, to find a cargo or parcel when it is lost or stolen. Such devices update their position several times a day, which is just enough to follow up their movements. Thanks to portability, these trackers may be suitable for small parcels. They also can be used as a secondary GPS tracker in case of carjacking.

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